On behalf of ADME – the Association for Doctor of Ministry Education – welcome to the ADME website.  Since I became a member of ADME eleven years ago, I have been blessed personally and professionally by the group. The ADME Executive Board is committed to raising the standard of DMin Education among ATS accredited schools by providing a number of DMin specific opportunities for our members. Here are some of the key benefits of membership.

  • ADME is the only professional association for theological education that holds affiliate membership in the Association of Theological Schools in the US and Canada, and that therefore has an ATS liaison assigned specifically for our degree.
  • Because of our unique association with the ATS, we have regular opportunities to ask questions related to the standards, and to speak into the formation and revision of the standards as they pertain to the DMin degree.
  • ADME hosts an annual conference each Spring, designed specifically to address issues pertinent to DMin programs and their directors, with an aim to sharing and improving best practices in all member programs.  The Board makes every effort to keep the cost of the conference affordable for all.  ADME members are invited to propose papers and workshops to be presented at the conference.
  • ADME’s annual online publication, The Journal of Christian Ministry, provides both a forum for theological reflection regarding the training for and practice of Christian ministry at the highest level as well as an opportunity for members to publish peer-reviewed articles and book reviews.
  • The ADME website not only offers a convenient way to pay membership dues and register for conference, it also offers a forum to ask questions of other DMin directors or offer new ideas, and it provides access to material presented in previous conferences.

Perhaps more than anything else, the members of ADME understand what a DMin director does.  There are less than 160 people in North America who do what DMin directors do, and ADME members want to help each other do it better.  We hope you will join us, to make all our programs better.

Barney Wells
President of ADME
DMin Director,
Lincoln Christian Seminary
Lincoln IL