History of Annual Conferences

  • 1989 – Techne Towers, Chicago, Illinois
    • “General Consultation”
  • 1990 – Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA
    • “General Consultation”
  • 1991 – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Forth Worth, Texas
    • “Types of Projects & Underlying Values”
  • 1992 – Savior of the World Pastoral Center, Kansas City, KS
    • “Fulfilling the Vision for the D.Min: Testimony and Challenge”
  • 1993 – Mercy Center, Burlingame, CA
    • “Doctor of Ministry: Leadership for Transformation”
  • 1994 – Cenacle Retreat Center, Chicago, IL
    • “Shifting Paradigms & the Doctor of Ministry Experience” – Carol Childress
  • 1995 – Quality Inn South, Denver, CO
    • “The New Reformation: Spiritual Leadership & the D Min Experience”
  • 1996 – Harrington Center, Columbia Theological Center, Decatur, GA
    • “The D.Min at 25: Still Out in Front” – Dan Aleshire
  • 1997 – Pasadena, CA
    • “D Min in Relation to the MDiv Degree & To Mainstream of the Theory of Education” – Archibald Hart & Michael Gilligan
  • 1998 – Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO (April 17-18)
    • “New Standards, Assessment and D.Min. Education” – Michael Gilligan, Assoc. Dir. Of Accreditation & Leadership Ed., ATS
  • 1999 – The School of Theology, Virginia Union University, Richmond, VA
    • “The Doctor of Ministry: Integrating Character & Competence” – Dr. Doran McCarty
  • 2000 – McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario (Apr 28-29)
    • “Problem Based Learning and D.Min. Education”
  • 2001 – Shaw University Divinity School, Raleigh, NC  (Apr 20-21)
    • “Religion in Context: Research & D.Min. Education” – Carl Dudley, Hartford Seminary
  • 2002 – Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas (Apr 25-26)
    • “Integration in Ministry: The Gift of Doctor of Ministry Education” – Randy Frazee, Bill Myers
  • 2003 – The Cenacle Retreat Center, Chicago, IL (Apr 24-26)
    • “Stage of Fools: Modeling Ministry in the Real World” – Raymond J. Bakke
  • 2004 – Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio, Texas (Apr 23-24)
    • “Shaping the Leader’s Journey” – Bruce Demarest, Denver Seminary
  • 2005 – Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, Ambridge, PA (Apr 23-24)
    • “Emerging Issues in D. Min. Education” – Len Sweet, Bill Myers, Sally Morgenthaler, Holly Zaher
  • 2006 – Denver Seminary, Denver, CO (Apr 21-22)
    • “Trends in Congregational Life: The Impact of D.Min. Education” – Cynthia Woolever, Hartford Research Foundation
  • 2007 – Luther Theological Seminary,  Philadelphia, PA (Apr 21-22)
    • “What Constitutes Outstanding DMin Programs?” – Rod Hunter
  • 2008 – Golden Gate Baptist Seminary, Mill Valley, CA (Apr 17-19)
    • “Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times” – Peter Steinke
  • 2009 – Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX (Apr16-18)
    • “Theological Reflection for the Doctor of Ministry” – John Patton
  • 2010 – Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, TX (Apr 22-24)
    • “Multiculturalism & D.Min. Education” – Marsha Snulligan Haney
  • 2011 – New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (Apr 14-16)
    • “Pastoral Ethnography for Doctor of Ministry Education: A Contextual Approach” – Mary Clark Moschella
  • 2012 – Western Theological Seminary (Mar 22-24)
    • “The Missional Church and the DMin” – George R. Hunsberger
  • 2013 – Catholic Theological Union
    • “The Impact of Gender and Culture on D.Min. Education” – Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner
  • 2014 – New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
    • “Awakening the Sleeping Giant: the Impact of D.Min. Education on Revitalizing Churches and Ministries Experiencing Plateau and Decline” – Reggie Ogea & Bill Day
  • 2015 – Beeson Divinity School
    • “The Future of D.Min. Education” – Daniel O. Aleshire, Pres. of ATS
  • 2016 – Trinity School for Ministry
    • “ADME and ATS: Collaborating for Better DMin Practices” -Steven Graham, Debbie Creamer & Tom Tanner, ATS Staff

History of Past Presidents

1988-1990    J. Randall Nichols, Princeton Theological Seminary
William J. Close, St. Stephen’s College
1989-1990    William Johnson Everett, Candler School of Theology
1990-1991    William Johnson Everett, Candler School of Theology
1991-1992    Christine (Tina) E. Blair, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
1992-1993    Christine (Tina) E. Blair, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
1993-1994    Stephen C. Rasor, Interdenominational Theological Center
1994-1995    William J. Close, St. Stephen’s College
1995-1996    William J. Close, St. Stephen’s College
1996-1997    Philip Douglass, Covenant Seminary
1997-1998    J. Dorcas Gordan, Toronto School of Theology
1998-1999    John Mehl, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
2000-2001    Christine (Tina) E. Blair, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
2001-2002    Bruce Shields, Emmanuel School of Religion
2002-2003    David R. Osborn, Denver Seminary
2003-2004    Dorothy McDougall, Toronto School of Theology
2005-2006    John Reed, Dallas Theological Seminary
2006-2007    Martin Crain, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
2007-2008    Martin Crain, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
2008-2009    David Lee Jones, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
2009-2010    David Lee Jones, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
2010-2011    Carl Savage, Drew University
2011-2012    Carl Savage, Drew University
2012-2013    James W. Lewis, Anderson University
2013-2014    James W. Lewis, Anderson University
2014-2015   Reggie Ogea, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
2015-2016   Reggie Ogea, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

History of the Distinguished Leadership Award

2006 – J. Randal Nichols, PhD —Princeton Theological Seminary

2007 – Steven Rasor, PhD —Interdenominational Theological Center

2008 – John Reed PhD —Dallas Theological Seminary

2010 – David Lee Jones, ThD —Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

2012 – Ron Blue, PhD — Dallas Theological Seminary

2015David Osborn, DMin — Denver Seminary

2016Lester Ruiz, PhD — Association of Theological Schools

Chronology of Doctor of Ministry Education

Prepared by George Brown, Jr.
G. W. and Eddie Haworth Professor of Christian Education
And Associate Dean
Western Theological Seminary
Holland, Michigan

1937  The American Association of Theological Schools (now ATS) appointed a committee to study program length and nomenclature.


1962 Claremont introduced a new degree, the Doctor of Religion (D. Rel.)

1964 The University of Chicago Divinity School moved to a four-year program, the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.).

Vanderbilt Divinity School announced a four-year professional doctoral degree, the Doctor of Divinity (D.Div.).  San Francisco Theological Seminary offered a doctor degree to ministers who engaged in seven to eight years of part-time study (Doctor of the Science of Theology degree or S.T.D.).

1966 Appointment of committee—chaired by Seward Hiltner—to draft standards for a professional doctorate.

1968 The Hiltner Committee supplanted by a new committee chaired by Krister Stendahl, which issued its report in 1970.

1970 – Present

1970 Member schools of the American Association of Theological Schools (AATS) authorized to award the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree.

1984 ATS D.Min. Standards revised.

1990 Association of Doctor of Ministry Education ADME established.

1996 New ATS Standards adopted for the D.Min. degree.

2009 By-laws revised and new Policy and Procedures Manual developed and approved