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Kurt Fredrickson

“DMin Leaders come together to learn from each other and encourage each other.”

The Doctor of Ministry degree is one of the finest degrees theological schools offer.


Serving in a DMin program is an honor and privilege. You know that! We have the unique opportunity to come alongside of leaders, helping them grow in the art of ministry, encouraging them, challenging them, giving them space for renewal.


We create a place for ministry leaders to become reflective practitioners who serve in the church and other contexts to bless the church and the world in Jesus’ name.


ADME exists to make the Doctor of Ministry degree stronger in the wide range of theological schools that we represent. DMin leaders come together to learn from each other, and to encourage each other.


Here are some of the key benefits of membership:

– ADME is the only professional association for theological education that holds affiliate membership with ATS in the United States and Canada.

– ADME hosts an annual conference each Spring, designed to address issues pertinent to DMin programs and their directors, with an aim to sharing and improving best practices in all member programs.


– The Journal of Christian Ministry is ADME’s annual publication. The journal provides both a forum for theological reflection in the training for and practice of Christian ministry at the highest level as well as an opportunity for members to publish peer-reviewed articles and book book reviews.


– Because of our strategic partnership with ATS, ADME members have regular opportunities to consult with accreditation experts in relation to the formation and revision of the DMin degree program standards.

Perhaps more than anything else, the members of ADME understand what a DMin director does. There are about 200 people in North America who do what DMin directors do, and ADME members want to help each other do it better


I invite you to become an active part of ADME!

Kurt Fredrickson
Association for Doctor of Ministry Education

Associate Dean for Doctor of Ministry Education and Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry
Fuller Theological Seminary


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“Let’s Strengthen DMin education together.”

The Association for Doctor of Ministry Education (ADME) was established to cultivate discussion, research, and the interchange of information regarding DMin programs with the intent of strengthening them and advancing DMin concerns in theological education by:


1) Encouraging students to think deeply in order to minister effectively;


2) Facilitating collaboration among DMin programs regarding best practices;


3) Creating venues for thoughtful and scholarly discussion of contemporary ministry issues and concerns;

4) Developing consensus in excellence for DMin education;


5) Providing venues for mutual support among DMin champions; and


6) Promoting the DMin degree as an essential contribution to theological education.


All these purposes are pursued in regular dialogue with The Association of Theological Schools. 


ADME holds affiliate status with The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.

If you are a DMin dean, director, associate director or serve in other related educational leadership capacities we invite you to partner with ADME.

Dr. Meredith Hoxi Schol
Vice President, Association for Doctor of Ministry Education

Director of Doctoral Studies
Drew University